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Entry from: 13.01.2012
Name: Schwandtke/Lorenz
Location: Germany
Message: We are so happy that we decided to visit this wonderful little island! It was such a great experience and we really recommend visiting Atiu to everybody coming to the Cook Islands. We also had been to Rarotonga and to
Aitutaki before but we must say Atiu was the place we liked the most. Andrea and Juergen were so nice to us. The accomodation was very clean and comfortable. Juergen organized all of our trips and helped whenever it
was needed. Thank you so much for this! With all the best wishes for you two, Carsten & Jana

Entry from: 12.05.2010
Name: Johnstone Family
Location: Canada
Message: Thank you so much for having us. We Loved out stay in Atiu and 3 days is not enough. The guesthouse is very clean and in my opinion the best value for accomidations on the island. We'll be sure to spread the word and
hopefully one day we'll be able to come back.

Entry from: 23.03.2010
Name: Ole & Kristina
Message: We felt very much at home in this place right in the centre of the village... having breakfast on the terrace we could experience the island life around us and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. There's a lot to do on 'Atiu
and even the secluded beaches are very enjoyable, so if you are in doubt, it is definitely more recommendable to spent more nights on 'Atiu then on Aitutaki (where three nights should be fine). Definite highlight was the
Cave Tour with Marshall, but you should not miss the Coffee Plantations with your hosts, Nature/Bird Tours with George and taking your time to explore the rugged coastline along the souteast and east either... Thank you
Andrea and Jürgen for the good time we could spend on 'Atiu! Ole & Kristina

Entry from: 11.03.2010
Name: Anne & Geert
Location: Switzerland
Message: We simply loved this place! Jürgen took very good care of us and gave lots of useful information about the island and its people. We felt right at home with so many nice people around us! The house is very comfortable
and the island just beautiful! Would love to come back soon. I can really recommend this place to anyone who like some nice and relaxed holidays! If you're not an early-bird bring your earplugs, because it can be very
noisy in the mornings!

Entry from: 17.02.2010
Name: Helen Osana Teura
Email address: helenteura[at]ymail.com
Location: New Zealand
Message: Stayed in Atiu for three weeks 18th Dec/09-7th Jan/2010. Was such a great trip to be back on the Island!Went for the Matenga and Teupoko Atua Family Reunion! Stayed @the Atiu College in Mapumai! Was good to meet new
extended family that I have never meet before!and knowing Aunty Nelly who is the Mayor of Atiu! Great nights @the Te Ponui Boys Tumunu! Also visited the Atiu Villas and Bungalows! Meet alot of local people who stay on
the Island! Everyone is so friendly on the Island! So much to write about!... Im blessed to be born on such a beauitful Island! much love to the rest of the family back home -xo no doubt we will be back again
! ((find me on facebook!'Helen Teura'))

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